If you’re considering installing an immobiliser in your car, you may want to consider the Autowatch Ghost ii. This device is TASSA certified and easy to install. Bluetooth fobs are also available for pairing. This article will explain more about this security device. Also, you can read reviews of similar products. Below is a look at the Ghost ii’s features with similar devices.

Autowatch Ghost ii immobiliser

TASSA, an independent body which advises on security of vehicles, has approved the Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser. This means that it is officially recognized by insurers from 1st March 2020. Its fingerprint QR codes that are placed on valuable parts of the vehicle, will allow officers to quickly identify the owner. If you’re wondering how this system is working, look at the video below and read on for more information.

The Ghost II’s override code is unique to each vehicle. This code is programmed using buttons on your dashboard or the steering wheel. There are no keys fobs or LED indicators to let you know the PIN code or when you’ve disarmed the immobiliser. The Autowatch App lets you easily and conveniently reset your car’s immobiliser. It responds to the inputs via CAN Data.

You can transfer your Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser to an alternative vehicle if you have a new vehicle. The high-quality sensors of the device let it determine if your vehicle has been stolen and unlock it without the need of an unlock key. It also works with older models of vehicles, and is compatible with newer models. The Autowatch Ghost can also be used with the latest datapacks.

Contrary to other devices unlike other devices, the Ghost II immobiliser works by using the vehicle’s existing interface. This means that the device can work with your car’s steering buttons, centre console, and doors. The design is so subtle that Ghost is virtually undetectable. Contrary to other immobilisers which require a remote or fob, Ghost works with your vehicle’s existing system, which means there’s no obvious indication that it’s been installed.

TASSA Approved

The TASSA approved Ghost II immobiliser protects your vehicle and works with modern CAN data networks. It is weatherproof and small, making it difficult for thieves to spot it. It is operated via buttons on the dashboard or steering wheel, and the immobiliser itself doesn’t emit any radio signals, making it almost impossible to detect.

The Ghost immobiliser, which connects to the vehicle’s ECU via a CAN bus data network is the most recent in vehicle security. The immobiliser is completely hidden thus preventing theft. It also blocks key cloning and swapping. The system also prevents the use of aftermarket key fobs that are often a convenient way for thieves to steal cars.

The Ghost II comes with an override function that can be modified by the user. It stops the engine from starting and stops the gearbox spinning. This implies that diagnostic tools that are professional are not able detect the Ghost since the device was not designed to disable an immobiliser or alarm system. This means that even if the car is stolen, it won’t be able again to start.

Autowatch has recognized the Ghost II as TASSA-approved. As an active member of TASSA the Ghost II is a powerful vehicle security system that gives the most advanced levels of theft defense. It stops the vehicle from starting up and driving without the use of stolen keys . It is police and insurance-approved. It also stops the inserting of cloned keys. TASSA certification means that the Ghost II is now a popular vehicle security device, and it is expected to soon become the most trusted brand in the industry.

Easy to install

The Autowatch Ghost-II is a next-generation vehicle security device. It connects to the vehicle’s CAN data network , and is designed to work with most vehicles. It utilizes an exclusive pairing code to ensure that the engine is not locked out and requires a disarming sequence to be entered. It is compatible with all car models and makes. It has two distinct key fob tags and smartphones. It’s easy to install and takes just minutes to complete.

The Ghost-II immobiliser can be used with almost any vehicle. It can be mounted to almost any car and is easy to remove even with its security level. The unit is TASSA registered and is among the most flexible immobilizers available on the market. It will stop your car from starting if do not have the correct PIN code. You can rest assured that your car is safe no matter what.

Ghost-II makes use of CAN Data Networks (CAN Data Networks) to connect to vehicles and create a sequence before they can start their vehicle. The sequence includes actions inside the vehicle – a steering wheel doors, door panels, dashboard, and more. This means that it doesn’t need the setup every time you decide to drive. Because the system is weatherproof and tiny it’s nearly impossible to detect by thieves and is compatible with almost every car.

The Ghost immobiliser is easy to install and doesn’t emit radio frequencies or LED lights. It also has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to set up and maintain. After installation, you will be able choose your PIN code and configure the immobiliser. The PIN code is unique to your vehicle. Change it whenever you want. If you don’t enter the correct PIN code and the Ghost will stop the car from in its tracks.

Bluetooth fobs available

If you’re looking for an innovative keyless entry system, the Ghost immobiliser is a great option. The Ghost integrates with the CAN-Bus system in your vehicle and immobilises the engine using an individual PIN code. Since it is completely wireless it is possible to use any Bluetooth fob to unlock your vehicle. Since there’s no indicator or LED on the device, it is not detected by diagnostics. The Ghost is also silent, so it is not easily detected by diagnostics unless nearby. Bluetooth fobs can also be purchased separately for this immobiliser.

If you’re looking for a secure Bluetooth fob for your Ghost-II then you’re at the right location. Ghost has two high-security Bluetooth fobs that connect to your car keys and also come with an alarm that sounds. You can also upgrade to an GPS/Compass tracking system to add an additional security feature. Bluetooth fobs are compatible with a variety of Ghost’s security functions, including the ability to automatically clone keys.

Another benefit of Ghost is its compatibility with a variety of mobile devices. The Ghost II is compatible almost with all smartphones on the market due to its wireless capabilities. Bluetooth is compatible with numerous mobile phones, meaning you can use it to unlock your car without removing the security device. Using the Ghost app that allows you to unlock your car within a five – to ten-meter range. A professional installation is highly recommended if you’re not sure how to pair a Bluetooth fob.

Ghost II Ghost II is a new generation of TASSA-approved aftermarket immobilisers. This accreditation ensures that Ghost II is a highly effective tool against vehicle theft. In addition, it’s approved by TASSA, which means it will make your insurance rates less expensive. This is an enormous benefit for car owners as it makes it easy and convenient to track the vehicle’s position and return it.


Ghost II is a modern car immobiliser. It is installed on the CAN network of the vehicle. It isn’t detectable by diagnostic tools and stops the vehicle from starting by continuously stopping it from starting. The design of the Ghost immobiliser allows installation nearly anywhere in the car. The Ghost immobiliser communicates through an CAN bus with the vehicle’s ECU. Contrary to traditional immobiliser relays the Ghost cannot be detected by conventional diagnostic tools. The Ghost system can be programmed with an individual PIN code that is specific to the owner of the vehicle.

The Autowatch Ghost-II immobiliser is an upgraded version. It makes use of a data network to detect stolen cars, and allows the owner to deactivate their alarm. Ghost II prevents engine lockouts with a unique code that requires either a key or smartphone. It is also possible to disarm the system with your phone and key fob tags.

The Ghost II is the most modern Autowatch immobiliser but also the most expensive. It is well worth the cost. It keeps your car safe from theft due to its unique features. It is designed to prevent theft of relay boxes which allows thieves to take cars without keys. This is a crucial feature of modern cars and will protect your vehicle from being taken.

An immobiliser Ghost II is a great investment to safeguard your car. The Ghost II immobiliser is highly efficient and is priced at less than $500. It can be mounted on any vehicle. The installation process is fast and Ghost II immobiliser simple and doesn’t require any maintenance. It is also simple to install, making it a perfect option for people who are not experienced in car maintenance. You must carefully read the instructions , as some components of Ghost can be difficult to remove.


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