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Ghost immobilizers are devices that stop your car from starting using an unique code. It works through the CAN network of your engine to communicate with the Engine Control Unit. It also stops blank key fobbing. If you’re worried that your vehicle might be stolen, a ghost immobilizer is an excellent option. This device is extremely silent. It can be used as a valet service, without provoking suspicion.

Autowatch Ghost is an auto immobiliser

The Autowatch Ghost is a vehicle immobilisation device that permits motorists to control their vehicle’s engine and steering by entering a unique PIN number. The immobiliser is installed on the vehicle’s CAN Data Network, which means that it can be installed in almost any place within the vehicle. The Ghost is more easily concealed than older immobilisers and thieves aren’t able to steal it.

It shields vehicles from key theft and the cloning process. It isn’t detectable by key jammers or cloning devices. The Ghost immobiliser doesn’t just prevent the vehicle being driven away from its position without a key but allows it to enter a service mode. It is also designed to prevent key bypassing, key cloning and replacing an ECU. The Autowatch Ghost is simple to install and does NOT invalidate a vehicle’s warranty.

The Autowatch Ghost is a next-generation vehicle security device that connects to a vehicle’s CAN data network. The device is programmed with specific buttons on the vehicle and is compatible with a wide variety of vehicles. Users can also create a unique PIN code in order to start and disarm their vehicle. Autowatch Ghost is compatible with several vehicle brands, so you will be able to locate the right product to meet your requirements.

It stops thieves from starting your vehicle.

The Ghost security system won’t permit a burglar to start your vehicle without PIN numbers. It is difficult for Ghost installations thieves and can’t even be detected by sophisticated RFID scanning technology. The security system is compatible with your car’s existingCAN network so there are no additional wires or circuit cutting. You can disable the security system completely using the service mode. If you suspect it has been compromised the system will reset your PIN.

The Ghost immobilizer is undetectable by diagnostic toolsand does not emit LED lights or Ghost installations radio signals. It works in the background using the on-board CAN network, which provides absolute security all day. Simply enter your pin code in the buttons on the dashboard or on the steering wheel to turn on the immobiliser. It then works silently in the background, stopping thieves from starting your vehicle.

The Ghost immobiliser is one of the best ways to secure your vehicle from theft. It does not emit any noise, LED indicator or frequency. It makes use of the onboard CAN data network to block a burglar’s signal. This is why it can remain hidden for a long period of time. It also prevents thieves from starting your car while you’re doing regular maintenance or getting an MOT.

It has a service valet mode.

The Ghost immobilizer has the service valet mode which allows for simple car servicing. To activate the service valet mode, the driver needs to enter the PIN code to unlock the vehicle. For 15 minutes, the vehicle should not exceed 30 miles per hour. Then the Ghost immobilizer will be reset and the owner will have to enter the PIN code again to unlock the vehicle. This can be an excellent tool for the majority of tests.

The service valet mode allows you to park your vehicle in a secure area and also allows you to use it with a service provider. The Ghost immobiliser has the option of a service valet mode to meet the convenience of the service provider. The service valet mode allows the user to simply hand over your keys to someone else without having to perform a disarm sequence. This mode for service valet is particularly beneficial for valet parking or service stations.

The Ghost can be used with most automobiles, including those from many popular manufacturers. It will secure your vehicle without cutting wires or aftermarket alarms. The Ghost immobiliser can be programmed with a unique PIN code or code pattern to ensure your vehicle is secure and safe. The system works on a variety of vehicles that include Audi, BMW and Ford, Hyundai, Nissan and Mercedes.

It is peaceful

If you have a ghost immobilizer it is a guarantee that your vehicle is secured against theft. It communicates with the vehicle’s ECU unit in a quiet manner, making it difficult for thieves to locate your vehicle. Its emergency PIN code-override feature permits you to disengage the vehicle in the case of theft. In addition to protecting your vehicle from theft having a ghost immobiliser in place can reduce your insurance premium.

Another advantage of the ghost immobilizer is that is is extremely simple to install and uses the non-radio signal to communicate with the ECU. It is also extremely user-friendly and does not require any technical expertise to install. You only need to program a unique PIN code, which will be reset automatically when the ignition is shut off. It will stay in place even if the vehicle isn’t in use once it’s been installed.

The Ghost immobiliser is waterproof , which means it can be used in any climate. Contrary to other key fobs on the market they are virtually invisible. Furthermore, unlike most key fobs, the Ghost immobiliser is not a replacement for the original key of the car. It works with the original key. The Ghost immobiliser is a great option in colder climates since it is water-proof and waterproof.

It can be reversed

The Ghost immobilizer is compatible with CAN bus systems, and is non-invasive and adjustable. The immobilizer can be mounted on virtually any vehicle and comes with a variety of PIN-sequence buttons for different levels of security. Ghost installations do not affect the warranty of your vehicle and can be transferred to another vehicle. If you ever decide to trade in your vehicle it is possible that the Ghost can be reinstalled on any other vehicle.

Ghost Immobilisers can be removed without altering the original. It stops theft by interfering with the ignition and the starting of the engine. The immobiliser is connected to the car’s CAN and generates a private PIN code. When you start the vehicle, you will be prompted to enter the PIN number into the control of the vehicle.

The Ghost Immobiliser connects to the International Security Register and CAN bus systems. It is compact and weatherproof. It can be placed anyplace on the vehicle, even under the hood. The Ghost can be reversed, and does not affect the vehicle’s warranty. The Ghost Immobilizer is simple to switch from one vehicle into another and has an extended battery life. This makes it an excellent option for those who do not wish to have their vehicle altered.

It’s discret

The Ghost Immobilizer is a versatile and innovative vehicle protection solution. It can be adapted to nearly any car model and even the most modern models. It’s so small and weatherproof that it is virtually impossible for thieves to detect. It’s also compact and subtle, meaning it won’t interfere with your vehicle’s warranty. It is compatible with all CAN-bus systems , thanks to its CAN bus compatibility. It’s easy to install and can be installed anywhere in your vehicle. Ghost is easy to put in any place and has low-profile design that doesn’t distract from the vehicle’s appearance.

Ghost Immobiliser operates by communicating with your vehicle’s ECU. It’s virtually undetectable and won’t reveal the location of the vehicle. It makes it nearly impossible for thieves to take your car or the key that drives it. This device is non-intrusive and allows you to start and drive your vehicle without being noticed. Ghost Immobilizer can be used with all cars thanks to its compatibility with CAN bus systems. Ghost is light and weatherproof, and has a long battery life.

The Ghost Immobiliser is one the most effective vehicle security options available. Its high-security features help keep car thieves from bypassing it. Ghost immobilisers are easily installed anywhere since they don’t contain key fobs or LED indicators. And, unlike other immobilisers, they’re not noticeable and are easy to install. It’s worth the price due to these advantages.


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