The Autowatch Ghost is an affordable vehicle immobiliser. Like other immobilisers the Autowatch ghost car security price is a highly secure device that requires a physical lift in order to remove. The Autowatch Ghost lacks key-fobs or LEDs, meaning that it is not possible to add keys, replace the ECU or completely bypass the system. The Ghost does not require a PIN number, unlike other immobilisers.


If you’re looking for an immobiliser that keeps the car in check it is the Autowatch Ghost is a great option. The Ghost is a sophisticated device that connects to the CAN data network of your vehicle and is programmed using the buttons on your car. Because it’s compatible with so many different car manufacturers it’s a great choice for those looking to to park and unlock their vehicle with just a touch of the button.

Autowatch Ghost offers the most advanced security features for vehicles to protect your car from theft and key cloning. Its non-detectable design makes it impossible to duplicate or copy keys. Since it’s non-detectable it’s compatible with all vehicles without cutting OEM parts. It connects to the CAN data network to personalize your vehicle. You can also program a unique pin code to unlock your car.

The Autowatch Ghost works with almost all cars making it easy to conceal and install. The device can be put in any place in your car. Simply enter your unique PIN in order to use the Autowatch Ghost. This can be put on the steering column, door panels or centre console. Users can enter up to 20 digits of PINs to make sure the device is secure. This security feature is well worth the extra price. There are so many advantages that the Ghost offers that it makes sense to invest in it.


The Autowatch Ghost is the next-generation in vehicle security systems. The device connects to the vehicle’s CAN data network and is programmed using the car’s buttons. The Autowatch Ghost is compatible with the majority of automobile models and makes. It is an affordable alternative for security-conscious vehicle owners. The price of the Autowatch Ghost depends on the size of the device and its security features. However the system is well worth the cost of security and peace of mind.

Ghost Ghost is weatherproof, so it can be installed virtually anywhere. Its compact size makes it easy to put in. The system is nearly impossible to spot by thieves once it is installed. It’s about $95 and can be installed on many vehicles. CAN Data networks are prevalent in modern vehicles. The Ghost system has been tested on a variety of vehicles to ensure that it works flawlessly in your vehicle.

The Autowatch Ghost is the next-generation in-vehicle security. It is the first aftermarket immobiliser for CAN bus that safeguards automobiles from key cloning, theft and hacking into cars. Ghost can safeguard your car from the most advanced threats such as keycloning, hacking and ghost car Security Price theft. The Autowatch Ghost is a reasonable option for those looking for the highest level of car security. This brand new gadget is the best method to secure your vehicle.


If you’re looking to be in peace of mind while driving then the Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser is designed for you. The installation process takes about two hours. The technician will visit your home to finish the installation. The technician will then provide you with the necessary training so that you can use the immobiliser. It’s easy to mount it on your vehicle, and you won’t need to worry too much about the cost.

The Ghost is designed to work with your vehicle and its installers have been DBS security examined. Contrary to other immobilisers are no visible signs of its installation. It is also regulated by TASSA. The Ghost can prevent the modern-day key theft using TASSA technology. You can consult the FAQs for the Autowatch Ghost if you have any questions. After you have answered all your questions, you are all set to install the Autowatch Ghost.

The Ghost immobiliser communicates with the car’s ECU and Controller Area Network Data circuit, which means it is impossible to steal. Because the Ghost uses an CAN data network, it cannot be recognized by a standard RF signal receiver. Autowatch Ghost prices have been accepted for installation in cars with a maximum price of PS10,000 – a cost that’s hard to beat! If you’re wondering whether this gadget is the best choice for your vehicle then you can look through the reviews and learn more about how it works.

Service mode

An Autowatch Ghost is a weatherproof tiny device that you could put in any place of your vehicle. Wrap it around the harness, then enter the reset code to unarm your vehicle. After it has determined your speed, and waited for the correct number of times, the Autowatch Ghost will be able to exit service mode. Before you purchase an Autowatch Ghost, ghost car security price here are some things you need to know. Read on to find out more about this remarkable device.

Another feature is Service Mode. This lets you give over your Autowatch Ghost and not trigger the sequence of disarming. This feature is useful in situations when you need to surrender your vehicle to valet, a service attendant or any other person. This mode lets your car know that it is safe even when someone else is driving it. This feature can be utilized if you are in a busy area where you don’t want your car to be stolen.

You’ll need to enter the PIN code once you are in service mode. Also ensure that your speed is not below zero mph for at least 15 minutes. Autowatch will turn on the service mode if you go back to 0mph. This mode is perfect for 99 percent of tests. It’s crucial to use it in a proper manner. It will last for a long time after having have tried it.


The Autowatch Ghost is a CAN-bus immobiliser. It is the first aftermarket immobiliser for CANbus. It is designed to guard vehicles against theft and does not alter or hinder the performance of the vehicle. It stops theft of vehicles with keyless entry systems. These systems can be hacked with relay equipment. The Ghost is especially useful for vehicles that have keyless entry. It gives the driver to start the car without taking the key fob.

In addition to its reliability In addition to its dependability, the Autowatch Ghost also comes with a unique vehicle security feature known as ADR. If a vehicle falls within the zone of the ADR tag that is present, the Ghost will begin automatically. By using PIN codes, a driver can even unlock their vehicle. This feature isn’t available on all vehicles. The Autowatch Ghost is not suitable for all vehicles.

Due to the Ghost’s small size, it is virtually undetectable by vehicles. It is activated by a pin number that is specified by the user. When a user who is authorized enters the code, the system stops, and the vehicle cannot start without the code. The device is unable to determine whether the driver is armed or not. Using the application, drivers can also receive updates to their vehicle’s GPS location and other important information.


The Autowatch Ghost is a revolutionary system on the market which helps safeguard vehicles from hacking and theft of keys. The Autowatch Ghost is not like an old-fashioned car alarm. It doesn’t alter the vehicle’s performance. It could even lower the risk of a vehicle being stolen, which can be particularly risky when you have an entry system that is keyless. Many car thieves can take advantage of this by installing relay equipment that will let them start your car by using the key fob in your pocket.

To benefit from the Autowatch Ghost Warranty, you must enable the service mode on your vehicle. The Autowatch Ghost will not communicate with the dealer’s equipment when you do this. Your car will be safe all the time. This happened to a member our team, whose E63 was stolen. It was a terrifying experience, and he able to claim damages from his insurance company.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is an innovative and unique way to protect your vehicle. Its sleek design makes it difficult to take your car away. It’s ideal for vehicles that do not require keyless entry, and CANBus. Because it’s not Thatcham-approved it must be installed by a professional. It can secure a vehicle without cutting wires or installing aftermarket key fobs.


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